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apm-accredited-logo-largeChange in business is everywhere and the need to identify and develop capable project leaders has never been more pressing.

The road map for developing programme and project leaders generally has three identifiable stages. Firstly, understanding the processes and techniques of project management to deliver a self contained piece of work, secondly, engaging with stakeholders to deliver a wider change through people and thirdly leading a multi-faceted complex change programme.

The transition from managing to leading a project is a critical step that requires close attention and constant development. This programme provides a comprehensive introduction to the role of the project leader and the specific skills required to deliver change through people.

The Project Leadership Foundation is uniquely constructed using the following components:

  1. Two linked “Theme Days” which provide highly focused learning and explore the challenges of leading projects successfully;

  2. Action Learning where each cohort member commits to completing a personal development plan which will embed the learning;

  3. A personal coach/mentor who will support develop ment on a one-to-one basis;

  4. An on-line assessment to raise self awareness and identify emotional strengths;

  5. Supplementary Masterclasses and other group events to support additional related development needs;

  6. A graduation recognised by the Association for Project Management.

  7. A Follow-Up Day to consolidate the learning and prepare participants for their next steps.

Tailored Solution
Tailored Solution

Each programme offers a tailored suite of interventions which will improve the candidates capability to deliver change.


The framework is structured to operate at a number of levels namely; Project Sponsor, Project Director/Leader, Project Manager & Project Associate.

Unique Offering
Unique Offering

The Project Leadership Foundation is a unique offering designed and built with your business needs in mind.

Six Month Programme
Six Month Programme

The Project Leadership Foundation typically provides a six month development programme, that connects a network of professionals both within and outside of your organisation.

The Requirements
The Requirements

In order to join the Project Leadership Foundation programme, candidates should already show potential, desire and attitude.

APM Accredited
APM Accredited

This programme has been accredited by the UK Chartered Body for project management and helps participants prepare to become Chartered Project Professionals.


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