Building High Performing Teams

Much of a leader’s time can be spent dealing with conflict and smoothing the path through the challenges of working life. While healthy constructive conflict is essential to business growth, unnecessary negative conflict is counterproductive and creates a barrier to progress. There is no time for this, particularly in a project environment.

High performing teams do not necessarily require the most talented or technically gifted individuals – in fact in some cases this can be detrimental. Instead, high performing teams require balance, trust, highly effective communication and an overlapping skill-set. They can adapt swiftly to changing requirements and have an intuitive sense of priority.

High performing teams can move ahead at pace without the need for close control and will “swarm” around the next big challenge in a highly agile manner.

This one-day programme introduces the key components that will help you to accelerate your team through the development process to become an exemplar of high performance.

There are no pre-requisites for this programme and participants are welcome from all areas of business including Operations, Sales, Marketing, IT, Project Management and Finance.

This course is primarily aimed at Leaders and Managers who wish to dramatically raise the performance levels across their teams. In addition, this course can be adapted to be delivered in house to your entire team.

This one day workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to team dynamics and creates a practical model for developing high performance.

Much of the activity will be workshop-based and participants will benefit from the insights of the wider group. Participants will be encouraged to use real examples and will create a practical “90-day” Action Plan to embed the learning in practice. This plan will identify the priority activities that will improve the performance of their teams in both the short and the long term.

Building High Performing Teams will include the following:

  • Where are we now? – The Challenges we face as Leaders
  • Creating Team Boundaries
  • Knowing Me, Knowing You – The Emotional Science of Teams
  • Accelerating Team Development
  • Succession Planning for High Performance
  • Leading Virtual Teams
  • Are We There Yet? – Knowing We’ve Arrived and Avoiding “Burnout”
  • Action Planning – Putting the Learning into Practice


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Course Brochure

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