Programme Sponsor Fundamentals

Sponsors, Senior Responsible Owners (SRO), Project Executives and Board members all make important contributions to the successful delivery of programmes and projects. However, in spite of a significant investment made into the training of Programme and Project Managers, Senior Managers often find that there is an assumption that their functional leadership skills are directly transferrable. This is rarely the case.

When taking on a leadership role within a corporate change initiative i.e. a Programme or a Project it is essential that the Sponsor prepares her/himself for the challenges ahead. This workshop will provide a comprehensive introduction to the nature of Programme Leadership. Participants will gain a comprehensive introduction to the role of the Programme/Project Board member and in particular the responsibilities of the Sponsor.

Anyone who will be acting as a Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) or Sponsor or a member of a Programme or Project Board or Steering Group. In addition, anyone engaged in a business change activity who will need an understanding of the leadership role within a programme or project and who will provide stakeholder support.

This role will also be useful for Programme Directors and Programme Managers wishing to understand the role of the SRO.

This half day course prepares senior managers for their role on a programme or project board.

This half day course prepares senior managers for their role on a programme or project board Workshop attendees will learn from both the workshop facilitator and each other. A key element will be a discussion of how project methods can be adapted to different business projects.

Alternatively this workshop can be delivered as a 1:1 coaching session or as a facilitated workshop when establishing a new programme or project.

This workshop will cover the following:

  • Understand the context of projects or programmes
  • Develop an understanding of the project or programme lifecycle
  • Bring clarity to governance and dierent organisation structures and typical roles / responsibilities
  • Understand the role of SRO / Project Board / Programme Board / Steering Group
  • Understand how a coalition of leadership and management is required to deliver a project or programme
  • Plan and Monitor projects or programmes as an SRO through the local life cycle
  • Understand the need to engage stakeholders and communicate effectively


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Course Brochure

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