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In today’s fast moving environment, having strong people skills is considered to be one of the keys to high performance. In particular, developing your own emotional intelligence can help communication, negotiation, influencing and avoid conflict when developing both internal and external relationships. Unfortunately we generally devote little time to developing our own emotional capabilities.

This workshop will provide an insight into your own personal impact on others including colleagues, peers, customers and suppliers. By using the Insights® Discovery model you will also be equipped to address two additional business challenges: Firstly, how to engage more effectively with your stakeholders including business leaders managers and commercial suppliers; and secondly, how to build highly effective and high-performing teams.

Participants will each prepare a personal Action Plan to help them embed this learning and improve their own performance including their contribution to the team.

There are no pre-requisites for this programme other than an open mind and a willingness to participate in personal and team development. Participants will benefit from all areas of the organisation and at all levels.

This 1-day programme provides a comprehensive introduction to the Insights® Discovery model together with a practical insight into how it can be applied on a day to day basis when developing high performing business (and personal) relationships. The content and duration is generally adapted to individual teams to help address specific team challenges often using the optional sessions below.

Participants will complete their on-line evaluation approximately two weeks before the workshop and this will generate a comprehensive profile of their personal preferences and likely behaviours. This profile will be provided for use at the workshop.

In addition to the personal profile, each team will receive a comprehensive mapping showing the personal colour preferences of each team member together with the overall team balance.

This highly engaging workshop will stimulate discussion and provoke thought through personal insight, group discussion, individual and group reflection, action planning and peer-review. Participants will consider questions including:

  • —  How I see the world and what information I prefer to pay attention to.
  • —  How I may make decisions including potential blind spots.
  • —  How I may be perceived by others both on a good and a bad day.
  • —  How I can adapt my behaviour to have a more positive impact on others.

Personal Insights

  • —Introduction To The Insights® Discovery Model and Theory
  • —Understanding The Four Colour Preferences
  • —Self Perception
  • —Your Personal Insights® Profile
  • —Getting the Most from Your Profile
  • —Start/Stop/Continue

Understanding Others

  • —Recognising Colour Preferences In Others
  • —Engaging Effectively with Stakeholders using the Colour Model
  • —Recognising Potential Areas of Conflict and Maximising Synergies

Building a Balanced Team

  • —Understanding Your Colleagues Better
  • Identifying Team Balance
  • Understanding Colour Impact on Team Dynamics — Developing Team Coping Strategies
  • Next Steps for the Team
  • Building High Performance Using “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” – Patrick Lencioni
  • Developing Trust in Teams
  • Recognising the “Five Stages of Team Development” – Bruce Tuckman
  • Developing Internal Stakeholders
  • Dealing with Conflict Situations
  • Developing a Team/Project Charter


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