Stakeholder Engagement

A considerable amount of money has been invested in learning the processes of Programme and Project Management. Understanding the sequence of events and the important considerations in running a complex change project. Despite this investment project remain challenging and in particular the relationships we build with our stakeholders can be a determining factor of a successful outcome.

If we fail to engage in an effective manner then those stakeholders who have impact and influence over our projects could have an adverse effect on the results. Failing to provide the required support or even worse, blocking or undermining progress could create problems that are extremely complex and difficult to resolve.

This course explores a model for understanding your stakeholders, designing plans to keep them on-side and managing the engagement process throughout the programme.

There are no pre-requisites for this programme and participants are welcome from all areas of business including Operations, Sales, Marketing, IT, Project Management and Finance. Participants are anticipated to be in a Change Programme or Project Role or in a role that is impacted by a Programme of Change.

This one day programme provides a simple model for stakeholder engagement and can be delivered in-house as a team building workshop for you programme or project team.

This highly interactive workshop will comprise of presentations, discussion and practical exercises. In addition to the core content, participants will benefit from the views and insights of the other course members and this will create an opportunity to build an extended network of contacts.

During the workshop each participant will be encouraged to create a personal action plan containing the key actions needed to embed the learning back in their organisation.

The Stakeholder Engagement course includes:

  • Change, Programmes and Projects
  • Defining a Stakeholder
  • Identifying Your Stakeholders
  • Assessing their Impact and Interest
  • What’s in it for them?
  • Knowing Your Stakeholders – The Emotional Science
  • Building an Engagement Strategy
  • Documenting and Communicating the Approach
  • Monitoring the Process
  • Lessons Learned
  • Your 90 Day Action Plan


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Course Brochure

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