Positive Selling

This workshop is engaging, exciting and encouraging. It is highly interactive and full of real life examples and delegate activities to reinforce the key messages it contains. It aims to help those with a remit to sell products or services to become exceptional at what they do and proud of the contribution they make in delivering revenue. The workshop focuses on ensuring that learners leave with some sustainable and consistent tips that will increase their conversion rates and deliver growth. Learners will understand the decision making process and what influences customer choices, also why customers should choose them i.e. how they ‘win’ over their competitors. They will understand the importance of developing long term relationships and how to do so.

Learners will look at the sales cycle and agree best practices at every stage that they believe will work for them and their business. They will have the opportunity to discuss what they find easy and difficult when selling and will work collaboratively to plan new approaches. Identifying and pre-empting objections, asking for the business and negotiating win/win solutions are also covered.

Learners will return to work motivated, condent and armed with their own personal action plan to put into practice that are realistic, simple and guaranteed to have a positive impact on results.

This workshop is aimed at anyone who has the responsibility for creating and delivering sales opportunities. It is suitable for those in any industry and will be tailored as appropriate to each individual and can be delivered as an open course or in house and tailored specifically to your team and objectives.

This is a two day programme which can also be tailored to your business and delivered in house.

This highly interactive workshop will comprise of presentations, discussion and practical exercises. In addition to the core content, participants will benefit from the views and insights of the other course members and this will create an opportunity to build an extended network of contacts.

During the workshop each participant will be encouraged to create a personal action plan containing the key actions needed to embed the learning back in their organisation.

Positive Selling will include the following:

  • Why people buy
  • Why customers should choose you
  • Identifying a sales cycle
  • Cold calling- the what , why and how
  • Making appointments
  • Creating the right first impression
  • Using questions to establish control
  • Summarising to check understanding
  • Offering solutions using features and benets
  • Overcoming objections
  • Gaining constant commitment and closing
  • Negotiating to a win/win
  • Follow up and next steps


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Course Brochure

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