Becoming a Trusted Advisor

Valued clients are much easier to retain than to find and so it is no surprise that sales account management is one the most important skills in business today. As markets become commoditised and price sensitive the only way to stand out is to provide trusted advice, innovative products and quality services that closely meet the client’s needs and add value beyond their expectations.

Achieving this requires detailed knowledge of your client, their current and future needs, your own services and capabilities and the future of the market. This requires a very different skillset from pure product sales.

This three day programme will explore the practical considerations necessary for you to provide expert advice and support to your expanding client base.

There are no specific pre-requisites for this course. Participants will ideally work in a business development or account/ relationship management role and will be responsible for identifying and satisfying client needs.

This is a three day programme which can also be delivered in house as a suite of three one day modules.

The intensive and highly interactive programme will use a generic case study enabling participants to practice the techniques and tools that they will learn. Participants will be encouraged to use laptops, mobile phones in preparing their proposed solutions.

Participants will obtain a personal profile prior to the event which will help them to understand themselves and their impact on their clients.

There will be homework in between each day and, for some exercises, participants will be encouraged to work in teams.

Becoming a Trusted Advisor will include the following:

Day 1 – Finding the Requirement

  • Introductions and Overview of the Programme
  • Industry Options and Terminology
  • Determining Organisational Needs
  • Questioning Techniques and Analysis
  • Identifying Priorities & Quick Wins
  • Building a Personal Network of Advisors
  • Sources of Useful Information
  • Action Planning and 90 day commitments

Day 2 – Building The Relationship

  • Building Credibility: The Challenger Sale – Taking a Dierent Perspective
  • Understanding Yourself using the Insights® Discovery Model
  • Building Rapport With Your Client
  • Sharpening the Saw – Improving Market and Professional Knowledge
  • Negotiating & Conict Management
  • Measuring and Promoting Client Successes
  • Action Planning and 90 day commitments

Day 3 – Account Planning & Adding Value

  • Understanding your Client & Their Business
  • Maintaining Records and Drawing Insights
  • Looking Beyond the Requirement: The Consultative Sale
  • Engaging at the Appropriate Level
  • Marketing for Success – Creating Awareness of Innovative Solutions
  • Action Planning and 90 day commitments


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Course Brochure

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