Becoming A High Performer

As the pace of business, technology and communication becomes relentlessly faster you have to prioritise your activities with discipline in order to make the most effective use of your time.

Why do some people seem to make this appear effortless, having time on their hands and yet delivering impressive results. Deep down inside it is easy to find yourself wondering if you have made the best choices and delivered the best outcome in the time available.

Managing time is an important factor and so is managing your energy levels. In addition, it is important to be highly focused on those things that matter to your success. This course will explore time management, strategies for prioritisation, scheduling important tasks, batching activity and dealing with time bandits.

There are no pre-requisites for this programme and participants are welcome from all areas of business including Operations, Sales, Marketing, IT, Project Management and Finance. The principles and practices contained within this course are universal and if observed will help maximise the quality of your output. Candidates will each complete a personal evaluation on-line prior to attending the workshop.

This two day programme provides a comprehensive introduction to personal effectiveness and explains a practical model for high performance.

Participants are welcome to bring mobile phones, organisers, diaries, laptops and anything you use to manage your effectiveness. While we will not provide training in the use of technology many of the principles explained can be implemented with the tools you currently use. In addition, participants will be encouraged to use their real plans, activities and commitments to create their next steps plan.

This course will provide a detailed model of hints and tips in how to become a high performing individual making best use of your time, optimising your energy levels and using self-discipline to remain focused on what is important.

The core content includes:

  • Where are You Now?
  • An Introduction to High Performance Traits and Qualities
  • Knowing Your Boundaries – Keeping the main thing the main thing
  • Managing Energy Levels for Peak Performance
  • Creating a Priority Structure/Learning to Say No
  • Batching Activity for Speed
  • Estimating Duration & Eort
  • Creating Space to Be Proactive
  • Getting to Know You
  • Structuring Your Day/Week/Month
  • Phone, Email or Meeting – How and What to
  • Communicate
  • Self Discipline and Identifying Time Bandits
  • Recharging your Batteries
  • Dealing With Overload
  • Planning Your Next Month
  • Building “Brand You”
  • The Next 100 Days


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Course Brochure

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