Commercial Awareness

In our fast-paced global markets much can be achieved through having an effective supply chain and building deep and long lasting commercial relationships. As team sizes and budgets are under pressure the appetite to convert fixed to variable costs increases and extending your external supply chain is an obvious way to achieve this. While, where effectively implemented, this may achieve the financial objectives, it also introduces additional complexity, added risk and more challenging interdependencies.

How can we as leaders ensure that we create the most conducive environment and enable commercial relationships to have the best chance of working?

This workshop will explore the practical considerations necessary for you to ensure that your supply chain is well structured and highly effective.

There are no pre-requisites for this programme and participants are welcome from all areas of business including Operations, Sales, Marketing, IT, Project Management and Finance. Participants are anticipated to be in a functional Leadership or Management role rather than a direct commercial role.

This one day programme provides a comprehensive introduction to commercial practice including market awareness and relationship management.

This highly interactive workshop will comprise of presentations, discussion, videos, white-papers and practical exercises. In addition to the core content, participants will benefit from the views and insights of the other course members and this will create an opportunity to build an extended network of contacts.

During the workshop each participant will be encouraged to create a personal action plan containing the key actions needed to embed the learning back in their organisation.

This workshop will cover the following:

  • Building Credibility: Knowing Your Subject!
  • Understanding Your Supplier & Their Business
  • Building Rapport With Your Supplier – Engaging at the right level
  • Sharpening the Saw – Improving Market and Professional Knowledge
  • Negotiating & Conflict Management
  • Recognising Value
  • Measuring and Promoting Supplier Successes
  • Building a Personal Network of Advisors
  • Sources of Useful Information
  • Your 90 Day Action Plan


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Course Brochure

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