Commercial Negotiation

Like it or not – you are a negotiator!   Whether you are encouraging your colleagues to help you to deliver a project, managing upwards with your senior leaders or building contractual supplier relationships you will be investing considerable time and effort to obtain the best result from another party.

In today’s modern business world developing your supply chain and building effective commercial relationships is a critical skill and as we outsource more services the need to sharpen your negotiating skills becomes even more important.

This programme takes a commercial focus to negotiation, however the principles and techniques are applicable to all types of negotiation.

There are no pre-requisites required to attend this course.  Candidates will be involved in undertaking both internal and external negotiations with both colleagues and suppliers.

This is a highly intensive two-day programme and can be delivered over two consecutive days or extended over a longer period.

This workshop will cover the following:

  • The Process of Negotiating
  • Preparing to Negotiate
  • Timing the Negotiation and Context
  • Building the Team
  • Understanding your Personal Impact
  • Negotiating Behaviours
  • Understanding Your Opponent
  • Working with Your Stakeholders
  • Planning Your Approach
  • Achieving the Deal
  • The Science of Persuasion
  • Managing Conflict
  • Delivering the Service Levels
  • Embedding the Learning

The Programme uses a comprehensive case study and provides ample opportunity to research and prepare for a commercial negotiation.  Participants will undertake a team negotiation which brings together all of the learning and research into a highly focused exercise.

In addition, participants will complete a personality profile and will gain an insight into their own personal impacts on the negotiation and learn how to engage more effectively with different personality “types”.


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Course Brochure

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