Outsource Training & Development is a vocational learning organisation with over 20 years’ experience across a variety of industry sectors. They provide recruitment solutions via apprenticeship schemes for young people and adults and, where appropriate, will secure the funding. Outsource Training & Development will help organisations to design the most effective job descriptions, advertise, search, select and shortlist candidates and embed a bespoke induction process to help achieve the client’s business objectives.

Their core values of pride, passion and purpose are fundamental to everything that we deliver.

To find out more please visit www.outsourcetraining.org.

The Colour Works are specialists in transforming performance in individuals, teams and organisations. Performance is rooted in behaviour so improving the former means changing the latter and that’s why all of their learning and development interventions start … with you.

There is huge, unrealised potential in every individual, team and organisation. They help you unlock that potential, inspiring you and your people to improve performance and deliver better results.

The most important element of their work is that we practise what we preach, living on a daily basis the principles and values that we promote as being vital to a healthy workplace.

To find out more please visit www.thecolourworks.com.

Sales Learn approach the age-old conundrum of sales performance improvement from a different angle: providing salespeople with a flexible way to learn and not be trained! saleslearn.com was born.

Utilising their experience of providing accredited digital learning in different markets, they achieved their Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (ISMM) “Recognised Centre” status in record time.

They then set about creating a range of technology-based sales learning packages, which would equip salespeople to exceed their targets and achieve a recognised sales qualification. This also provides sales managers with insights into their team’s strengths and weaknesses.

To find out more please visit www.saleslearn.com.

PeopleCount Employee Focus Groups use the latest technology to really capture staff opinion and identify a way forwards.

Their focus is on providing a bespoke approach to help every client to maximise the potential of their staff and leaders and improve the levels of employee engagement.

Each session works perfectly as a follow up to staff surveys, instead of staff surveys, as part of a change project, to consult staff or to address specific problems such as poor retention, low morale or performance issues.

To find our more please visit www.peoplecount.org.uk.

When looking to improve performance, many organisations typically focus on improving skills and competencies. More enlightened organisations also look to capitalise on individual strengths and preferences. MindSightUK believe this still misses an essential ingredient, the mindset.

Their development programmes explore the mindset required for key business roles including Leaders, Managers, Teams, Project Managers and Change Champions and the underpinning skills to enable people to adopt, adapt and succeed.

To find our more please visit www.mindsightuk.biz.

Training Bytesize develops online, blended and classroom courses for project managers who want to enhance their knowledge and experience.

As a leading provider of project management training they are a company that equips you with the skills to confidently manage your projects using cutting edge technology combined with an effective learning platform for individuals and groups alike.

To find out more please visit www.trainingbytesize.com.