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Programme & Project success like any endeavour depends on people and their engagement. In particular, an ability to display several complementary behaviours including: a genuine belief in their contribution to the business, a positive mental attitude and the appropriate practical skills needed to succeed.

Insynergi delivers what we call High Impact Learning.  Learning that combines preparation and focus prior to the event, with a short intensive and highly interactive workshop and followed by a 90 day period of activity to embed the learning and deliver real return on investment.

Our model is to explain theory in simple terms, then to give you the opportunity to relate this learning to your organisation and to your own personal contribution to it and finally, to help you apply the learning with the support of a personal coach.

One of the most highly sought after skills in business today across all sectors is the ability to deliver results within time, cost and quality constraints.  At an entry level to this profession a certificate of knowledge and technical ability can be central to personally securing a new role and corporately to achieving success.

Our range of project management courses incorporates some of the most popular certifications in the UK including:

Your next generation of programme leaders will recognise that alongside technical and process skills, drive and determination are critical success factors.  As projects become increasingly more complex and varied, a strong capability to see the big picture and to take your customers, stakeholders, suppliers and teams with you on the journey becomes essential.  These are the skills of a leader.

Our range of programme leadership courses builds upon pure technical project skills to address a more strategic view of change.

Senior decision makers in business control the purse strings of expensive and highly complex change initiatives.  They need to understand the world of Programmes and projects but not as a practitioner as an Executive.

Our range of programme and project sponsorship courses provide an insight into the role of the senior stakeholder and the impact they can have on successful business change.

In an ever changing business environment with a faster pace and competing demand for resources it is inevitable that much of what we deliver will be impacted by the strength of our commercial relationships.  Yet many of us feel out of our depth when engaging with the market place, negotiating deals and managing suppliers.

Our range of commercial management courses addresses the establishment of strong and lasting relationships with suppliers and clients.

Whether you are leading, managing or working within a team the dynamics matter.  We spend a significant proportion of our time at work and so the quality of our relationships and the pride in our performance is a critical success factor if we are to retain talent and develop it further.

Building high performing teams is not easy and some will never achieve it.

Our range of personal and team effectiveness courses are underpinned with an insight into the current status quo and then address both the individual and the collective team contributions.

The APM Registered Project Professional (RPP) is considered to be the highest level of certification for project and programme leaders in the UK.  And with their status as a Chartered Institute expected soon, the RPP is likely to become the Chartered Project Professional an accolade worth having.

insynergi has developed a range of fast track options for our clients based on our core preparation programme which provides all of the support needed to achieve recognition for your programme and project achievements.


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