Registered Project Professional (RPP) Preparation Programme

The Registered Project Professional (RPP) accreditation is widely considered to be the most highly sought after accolade in the project management profession today. The accreditation is awarded to Programme and Project professionals who can demonstrate significant experience of working in a complex change environment.

This accreditation is not awarded as a result of exam performance. Candidates will prepare a comprehensive portfolio of evidence to demonstrate their experience within this profession together with their commitment to on-going personal development.

On completion of the programme participants will be fully prepared to apply for their assessment and on award will be added to the APM Register of Project Professionals. Successful candidates may use the designation RPP after their name.

APM Registered Project Professional status can be applied for by anyone with experience of managing others in a complex project or programme environment regardless of their professional background or qualifications.

It is anticipated that candidates will have spent 5-10 years or more working within a project environment and will have gained experience across a broad range of project leadership competences.

Candidates will come from all areas of industry across both public and private sectors. Particular specialisms will include Business Administration, Technology, Construction and Engineering. The common theme across all of these areas will be a demonstrable ability to deliver change through projects.

The programme is expected to be completed within 6 months of joining. The amount of effort required to develop your portfolio will vary from candidate to candidate subject to availability and time committed. Participants will spend approximately 1.5 days with their coach spread over this period and will be supported in preparing their portfolio alongside this.

Registered Project Professional is awarded by the Association for Project Management the largest body of its kind in Europe. RPP accreditation recognises significant experience in project leadership not through examination but instead in relation to the demonstrable capability of the individual.

Achievement of this standard provides significant benefits to both the individual and the organisation including:

For the Individual

  • —  This programme provides an opportunity to reflect on your enviable track record.
  • —  You will be recognised as a Project Professional and added to the APM’s exclusive RPP Register.
  • —  As a successful candidate you may use the designation RPP after your name.
  • —  This programme will enhance your professional status as a project leader.
  • —  You will become part of an elite group of like minded professionals.

For the Company

  • —  As an organisation you will achieve independent recognition of this important core professional capability.
  • —  This will provide opportunities to demonstrate your focus and capability gaining greater competitive advantage and/or reputational benefits.
  • —  Identifying your key Project Professionals will increase your likelihood of delivering complex change successfully.
  • —  And will in turn demonstrate your commitment to investment in your project professionals.

The Programme will comprise of four core and one optional step.

  1. Pre-screening: Candidates will complete an application to participate which will be reviewed by an APM Assessor.
  2. Introductory Workshop: Candidates will attend a one-day workshop to gain an introduction and overview of the assessment process together with guidance on how to prepare effectively and efficiently.
  3. Personal Coaching Session 1: RPP Candidates will meet with their personal coach approximately 6-8 weeks after the Introductory workshop to review their initial draft application and identify progress made, any additional work needed and any potential obstacles.
  4. Personal Coaching Session 2: RPP Candidates will meet with their personal coach for a second time again approximately 6-8 weeks after their first session to finalise their application prior to submitting their application. In addition to identifying any further work needed to finalise the application, candidates will discuss their proposed presentation and potential interview questions.

Optional Mock Interview: RPP candidates may opt to sit a mock interview towards the end of the programme which can be videoed for review later. This optional step must be purchased separately as required.

In addition to the support of their coaches, participants will have the extended support of their peer group which will provide added focus on the outcomes and the sharing of ideas and approaches as an action learning set.

The RPP assessment process by accredited assessors comprises of two stages:

  • A Portfolio Assessment – Candidates will submit a portfolio of evidence that should demonstrate capability in 29 core competences and knowledge of 18 complementary competences, which is to be accompanied by a copy of your own Continuing ProfessionalMDevelopment log.
  • A Professional Review – Having successfully completed the portfolio assessment, candidates will be invited to a professional review with two accredited RPP assessors. The review, in an interview format, will typically take around 45 minutes including a 5 to 10 minute candidate presentation at the start.


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