Mastering Programme and Project Sponsorship

Sponsors, Senior Responsible Owners (SRO), Project Executives and Project Board members each make an important contributions to the successful delivery of change. Despite investing many millions of pounds in project management training, the development of these roles is often ignored when setting up change programmes. It is wrongly assumed that effort spent training programme and project managers will compensate for an under investment in developing the skills of Sponsors and SROs.

For any change initiative to be successful it has to have a vision and strong leadership supported by effective management to ensure delivery of that vision. The theory says we should establish the roles of Sponsor (SRO or Project Executive) and Manager (Programme or Project) to fulfil the roles of leader and manager in a “guiding coalition”, but in reality how often do we get this “guiding coalition” right?

Anyone who will be acting as a Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) or Sponsor or a member of a Programme or Project Board or Steering Group. This will include those who are responsible for setting a vision, providing direction, providing scrutiny and challenge at a senior level to programmes or projects. SROs and Sponsors are very busy individuals who are often required to direct change in only 5% of their time. This workshop will help them focus that time and bring programmes and projects under control, improving delivery and SRO performance.

This two-day workshop is delivered as a suite of 4 modules.

This two-day workshop is delivered as a suite of 4 modules. Releasing senior managers from their day jobs for 2 full days can be diffcult, in which case 4 half day modules spaced over a month may be a more practical approach. The programme can also be run as 1:1 coaching sessions.

Workshop attendees will learn from both the workshop facilitator and each other, through input of knowledge, group discussion and a series of group exercises which can be based on a local scenario. In the absence of a tailored company method we will use industry best practice approaches and terminology.

This workshop will cover the following:

  • Module 1 – Role of the SRO, Vision and Benets, Leadership, Introduction to Programmes and Projects lifecycles and key documents, common causes of failure
  • Module 2 – People issues in Programmes and Projects, organisation structures, roles / responsibilities, stakeholder engagement, managing resistance to change and communications planning
  • Module 3 – The SRO’s role in Starting up or Dening a project or programme
  • Module 4 – The SRO’s role in the Delivery journey through to Closure and Evaluation


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Course Brochure

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