Our approach to providing our clients with consulting support falls into several parts:


Define and agree the statement of work.


Benchmark the current “as is” position and the desired outcome position post the intervention.


Agree the planned actions together with their timescales for delivery and completion. This would include a clear understanding of how the appropriate skills will be transferred internally as a result of this exercise.


Review with our client on a regular and frequent basis followed by a final completion review.

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Our offerings include:

With an extensive capability in both leadership and Learning & development, insynergi® can provide an independent perspective on proposals and plans for business improvement and skills development.

insynergi® can undertake a full review of both your existing supply and your future learning needs making recommendations as to how your learning budget can be used more effectively.

insynergi® can review existing processes, procedures and plans in order to provide assurance on your existing capabilities.

Using a variety of diagnostic tools insynergi® can help to understand the precise nature and makeup of your team.  Competency assessments can be used to pinpoint the one or two skills that would have the most significant impact upon your team’s performance.  Personality profiling can be used to deepen self-awareness and strengthen interdependence and high performance within your team.

Project leadership can be a lonely role and having access to an experienced coach or mentor can be one of the most important resources you could provide.  The value of having an experienced and “critical” friend to support you in your project decision making can be immense.  insynergi® matches their pool of experienced professionals and makes support available either face to face or by telephone and email.

Expensive resources are often fully utilised and when an urgent additional project is identified there is a danger that it can be unnecessarily delayed.  insynergi® can provide high quality project resources to work on short to medium term assignments.

insynergi® provides an external assurance capability which can review the performance and status of any project. Many of our consultants are Gateway reviewers for the public sector leading high risk programme reviews.

Our expert professional team is available to help facilitate workshops including board meetings, programme definition, kick-off meetings etc.  Well practiced in keeping to the agenda and equipped with a range of engaging techniques our consultants can give you the freedom to engage in the discussion rather than managing the process.

To find out more about the specialist support we offer call us on 0203 651 0066 or send an enquiry and we will be in touch.

What Our Clients Say:
  • During the early stages of pulling a new sales team together we called upon the expertise of insynergi® to provide training. The content and delivery of the course was excellent and proved of great value and benefit to the team and the company, I would be more than happy to recommend and use insynergi® in the future.

    Iain Logan – IJS Global
    UK Sales Director
  • From the outset, they were professional in their consultancy services. We have been impressed with their flexible approach in identifying and creating the most effective apprenticeship framework for our business needs.’

    Small British Airways logo.
    Karen Hewitt – British Airways
    Learning & Development Manager
  • A great help in growing our business by helping to develop new staff into professional individuals who are now experts in the industry and will stay long-term with the company.

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    Phil Warnock – Ginger Nut Media
  • I found everyone to be very helpful, knowledgeable and dealt with my queries in a timely manner.

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    Niamh Plover – MediaCom
    HR Co-ordinator
  • Over the years, the partnership has helped us develop a flagship scheme which offers varied, challenging and yet very supportive placement opportunities for young people. Their enthusiasm, flexibility and excellent customer service make the team  a pleasure to work with.

    Small Greater London Authority logo.
    Agnieszka Lenton – Greater London Authority
    Learning & Organisational Development Manager
  • insynergi® saved me and our company a great deal of time which transferred in to a huge financial saving

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    Mick Say – Hairaisers
    General Manager

insynergi® Project Leadership Academy

The insynergi® Project Leadership Academy is an innovative approach to developing leadership and delivery skills which centres around personal resilience, self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

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