Most of what you learn on a training course is either left in the classroom, gathers dust on a shelf or sleeps in the back of your mind. Despite good intentions, only a small percentage of the learning is actually applied and so the return on investment from traditional training is generally very low.

insynergi® delivers, what we call, High Impact Learning because we understand that the magic happens only when you apply what you have learned back in the workplace. Our learning programmes are not only highly specific to the organisation but extend to the practical application of the learning back in the workplace.

Our model includes an extended learning pathway which maps the follow on activities needed to embed the learning and change the performance of the individual using a coach or mentor to verify the changed behaviour.

Our Performance

“rated by our clients”
Responsiveness 95%
Customer Service 90%
Quality of People 92%
Return on Investment 88%

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Founded in 2009, insynergi® provides bespoke training, coaching and mentoring support for all levels within an organisation. The insynergi® Programme Leadership Academy framework is structured to operate at a number of levels including Project Sponsors, Project Leaders, Project Managers and Project Associates.

The insynergi® team collectively has over 300 years’ experience in supporting performance improvement across industry sectors at a local and global level.  The company has its headquarters in London and is able to provide support globally. insynergi® is part of the part of the Outsource Education Group which has over 50 staff and a turnover of in excess of £5m.

Our values are: think beyond, think together & think different!

Our Founders

the creators of insynergi®

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Craig Aitken


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Eddie Kilkelly

Managing Director

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Nichola Hay


Our consultant team has a comprehensive skillset across all areas of industry.

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